Account Overview

My Account

Under ‘My Account’ you will have an overview of your account and details

Visa Application

Under ‘Visa Application’ you will be able to submit a new application to let travcour know you are sending us your written visa application (this speeds up the process), check the progress of your application or change your stored details of your visa (not for ongoing visa applications, only for new visa applications)


Under ‘Invoices’ will be any outstanding payments you need to make to Travcour

Update Details

Under ‘Update Details’ is where you can update your contact and login details. You will have 3 sections

  • Personal Details: for your login credentials
  • Application Details: to save you time when you submit a new Visa Application to let Travcour know you are sending us a new application
  • Invoice Details: details that go on your invoice

Visa Application

Under ‘Visa Application’ (in your account) you need to let Travcour know that you intend to send us an application. This is so we can get things ready for you and speed up the process of your application.

Note: you still need to go to your desired visa application and print off the visa. You will still need to fill this in with black pen and post this to Travcour.

Visa Application Process

Once you have 

  • Printed your visa application and filled it in with black pen
  • Notified Travcour you are sending us your visa application using your account

you will now see the progress of your Visa application from your account along with any documentation and special requests

Visa Details Update

Under your ‘Update Details > Application Details’ you will have your details for your visa application (notifying Travcour you are sending us your application)

You can use this to pre-fill in your application form under your account saving you time

This only needs to be filled in once or when your details change.

How To Submit My Visa?

Print Your Visa Application

First you need to go to Visa Application

  • Find the visa required
  • Print it out
  • Fill it in with black pen

Notify Travcour

Notify Travcour you are sending us your Visa Application. This will speed up the process as we can start notifying the Embassy and making sure we have the correct documents ready

Check My Progress

You can now see the progress under your account, any documents we upload to you and any special requirements we may need from you.