Please download from the list below, print and send the order form for the service you require. For individual country legalistaions, please view the country page you require the document to be legalised at to see if the service is available.

Travcour (uk) Ltd offer a wide variety of services catered for your needs. If there is a service that you require that is not listed on our site, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate you. 

Document Translation

Notary Service

FCO Attestations

Urgent Travel

Travelling last minute? We can collect or deliver your documents wherever possible including airports. Please contact us so that your collection/delivery can be booked in on time. Charges vary depending on area & availability.

Most documents need to be received in our offices by 3pm in order to be submitted on the next working day. Should your documents arrive after 3pm but you still require them to be submitted the next day, please arrange this with one of our staff by telephone or email in advance. It is also sometimes possible to submit your documents on the day of receipt although please bear in mind that most embassies operate within certain hours and it depends on the time that your documents are received whether there is time to submit them. There is no additional charge for this but it is vital that we are aware that your package is on it’s way so that we can allocate the work accordingly.


We offer a free webpage to many tour operators with visa information and applications which include a discounted service rate dependant on the amount of applications received. If you are interested in our services, please contact and your page can be set up in a matter of hours.  

Embassy Legalisation

Travcour can process the legalisation of documents where needed. The time taken and price of this service varies.  Legalisation is the official process of a documents’ authentication which is granted by international governments. If your travel requires the use of a UK public document in an overseas country, you may find that the local authorities will require the document to be legalised before it can be used.  Each country has its own legalisation requirements which are determined by the type of document being legalised and its intended use.  For these purposes your document(s) must be legalised by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and in many cases, also at the embassy of the foreign country in order for it to be considered genuine. The documents that may require legalisation include;  Academic Certificates  Birth, Civil Partnership, and Marriage Certificates  Business Contracts  Certificates of Incorporation  Certificate of No Impediment  Documents from British Overseas Territories  Export Certificates  Religious Documents.


In some cases, documents may need to be translated into the language of a foreign country which we can also do for you. Documents that have been translated may also require notarisation which can be done by you only as you will need to swear the authenticity of the document by a notary public. Once translated and notarised, the documents may be legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) if required.